Engineer Fazel Ahmed Afghan, MSc 

Canada Sept 11,2015

A page from my book “Conspiracies and Atrocities in Afghanistan. 1700-2014”

The tragedy of September 11,2001

2001  After 9 months of President George W. Bush in power, on September 9th 2001 Ahmed Shah Masud was assassinated in Khwaja-Bahawddin, Taloqan, Afghanistan, that puzzle wasn’t solved yet. It was 7:00 a.m. in Vancouver B.C. Canada, which was 10:00 a.m. in New York, and 7:00 p.m. in Dubai, time, I was sleeping the telephone bell rung, when I got up and picked up the telephone my daughter Zelgay Ahmed was on the phone from ‘Dubai. She just said Daddy-Daddy get up watch the CNN, when I run down to living room and turn on the TV, I saw an unbelievable tragedy, and watching the WTC in New York burning down, the ashes covered the whole city the fire workers and the people in the area covered with dust and ashes of the buildings, screaming, crying, running and the people of United States and the world were wondering what happened? And why it happened? Why the planes hit the buildings? And who is or who are behind all this inhuman act?

When I heard that was a terrorist act, it was unacceptable to me because, after the tragedy of crashing ill-fated Pan AM Flight 073 on September 5, 1986 in Karachi, in my letter dated September, 8th 1986,addressed to H.E. Mr. Javier Perez de Cuellar, United Nations Secretary General, and copies were sent to International Air Transportation Association (IATA),and world leaders, I had warn them regarding the emergence of terrorism in the surface and air is a very dangerous phenomena and someday would be out of control if the world, specially the world body ‘U.N.’ and the ‘IATA’ as well the members of the United Nations don’t take strong and decisive action regarding the eradication of terrorism on the surface and in the air. But unfortunately the than U.N. and the world leaders didn’t give any attention to my letter and the‘IATA’ give me the assurance in a letter dated, October, 1st 1986, saying that “Terrorism is indeed a scourge that we must all combat and you may be assured the airlines, governments, and airport are cooperating as never before to that end”(See Cry of Afghan page   ).Therefore because the assurance was given to me from ‘IATA’ I was not believing that would be the act of a person, there must be a group or an organization behind this huge inhuman act for a special purpose or reason, I was keep asking myself the same question over and over, Who did it? Why he would do that? Why it happened right after Ahmed Shah Massud’s assassination on 9th of September, 2001? Is there any connection between September, 11 and September 9th happening? And many other questions. Yet my questions were not answered, few days after the September 11 tragedy President Bush and the key members of his administration forgot the 3000 innocent people buried under the rubbles of (WTC) the cry of their bereaved ones, the sorrow of Americans and the people of the world, above all his own promises to American Nation and the people of the world during the first two, three days of the sad event happened. They as a bunch of experience hunters, like before the tragedy of 9/11, sat in the white House and Pentagon to plan a hunting program for the weekend or later and decide where to go for hunting? And what to hunt? This time was not the hunting of animals, birds or fishing, it was hunting the human for getting the Oil of Iraq or going to Afghanistan for getting the gas of Turkmanistan, as well as opening of new chapter for globalization of war against self-created so called “International terrorism” for implementing his and his predecessors forward policy in the world, specially Muslim countries after the defeat of Communism.


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