Fundamentalism  Main Cause of Violence Against Women

 Biheshta Aryan


I would like to start from sense of myself as a human and a woman in this world. We are suffering from different types and levels of violence just because we are women. I agree  it is not just women that facing violence, but violence against women is because we are women.

Violence against women is because of  sex, nature and  needs. Women sex and needs are the same every where , so violence against a group of women in specific society is treat for all of them elsewhere. May be the time,place and violator characters are different but the history, nature , aims and result  of violence are same. Fundamentalist groups recognizing and supporting each other in every where, because they have common sense or understanding. I believe we need to recognize and support world wide women rights because  of our  common sense and felling. Despite the level and natural of violence, in some part of the world, violence is much more painful and predominant. In countries  women are forgetting their humanitarian rights.

By support of international community in Afghanistan, there  are some unstable achievements, which is treating by fundamentalists, instability and weak governance of those do not believe to human and women rights. The resent declaration of Afghanistan Religious Committee which interpreted as welcome message to Taliban and other  extremist groups  approved by president Karzay, and we know it is warning alarm for all women and human rights activist to protect women from what happening and will be happen soon. Women of my country are facing poverty , prison, torture, rape, stoning, insulting, traditional covering limitations, repression, lack of access to health, education , justice, and security services. Why? Because we are women, we are mother and sisters, we are the weak part of my society. The hands of women for justice touching by  contaminated and dirty hands for response. Violence has family, social and political aspects. Some people believe that , violence starting from home, I believe violence is feeding , supporting and directing from politic levels even it is happening at home level.  In countries where the government and political groups are believe on human and women rights, the women situation is better than where suffering from fundamentalism and negative traditional believes. Lack of Democratic governmental leaders as well as  influence of extremists in governmental politics are main causes of violence in my country.  Violence against women in my country is window of power for individuals and religious political groups  to show their power and presence. Fundamentalism and extremism for introduction and empowering of themselves are addressing women and their rights.   

Lack of required democratic and free speech condition is avoiding establishment of strong women movement towards  their humanitarian rights. The recent Human Rights Watch Organization report was mentioned about continuation of violence against women and hiring of famous warlords, corrupt politicians as well as human rights violators in high governmental positions. It is time to support democratic sections, groups and people  of Afghanistan for stopping growing up of extremism and fundamentalism. This needs full support of international community.

Women are the first victims of fundamentalism which, do not respect and recognize geographical, humanitarian or political borders. Fundamentalism thoughts and believes are immigrating around the world and adversely addressing women.

Lets Stop violence against human and women  through stopping extremism and supporting the right people.


Biheshta Aryan from Kabul