TERRORISM in Nigeria

Afghan Women Support Nigerian Women

In Nigeria a group of terrorists, known as Boko Haram, kidnapped more than 200 young women as they were attending school, intending to sell them into slavery. The women of Afghanistan all together speak out in support of Nigerian women. WE WANT THESE YOUNG WOMEN BACK HOME SAFELY! Slavery is not acceptable in this century – or any – at all.

Half of the world is very developed now.  The standard of living and the set of life expectations in these countries are very high.  Women feel safe going to school or working outside their homes. While some other countries are in the process of developing, men are learning to work with women and some are trying to respect them for their hard work and talent.   However, there are some underdeveloped countries, where people live in dire poverty. They are starving. Many still do not know what a cell phone is or how computers function because they don’t have electricity. In developed countries police protect and support their nation but in most underdeveloped countries the police can be bribed. Therefore, the level of corruption is high in underdeveloped countries. But still the phenomena of slavery should be entirely wiped out and obliterated throughout the world.

We are women. No matter what, we stand with the women of Nigeria and we want them safe and sound back with their families.  The women of Afghanistan ask that all the leaders of the world, Human Rights Organizations and the UN agencies especially UNHCR to step in and put an end to this modern day slavery and bring back these women to their families.

Women of Nigeria, we are with you and we understand your pain. Please do not be embarrassed; the embarrassment is for these men – the terrorists – who attacked civilians and young women going to school. This was not a manly action. Shame on them!

The terrorist should learn to respect women. The terrorist should know that women are not weak. The terrorist should know that women of the world are joined together and support each other whole-heartedly.  This terrorist group Boko Haram should be stopped from selling, buying or exchanging these young women as slaves as soon as possible.

The world is not asleep any more.  We know about the 200 Nigerian women and what is happening to them now. If the leaders of every country do not take action together now, what is happening in Nigeria today and tomorrow could gradually happen to families and women all over the world.