I believe that girls should not be forced to get married

Farooq Yaqoobi


The parents do force you into an unwanted marriage because, They love you, take care of you; your mother carried you in her womb for months, nursed you, and cried at your every pain. Your father worked days and nights to provide for you. Then why is it when it comes to the time when they should be your protectors and support you in the most important decision of your life, they are willing to submit you to abuse?

Many, many times it is culture. It is often family pressure: they have made promises or commitments to their relatives. Sometimes, their relatives are emotionally blackmailing them by threatening to cut off family ties. What parents often do not realize is in wanting to keep their kinships intact; they are destroying their own children. The women are not given the right to even think that they can say no. They are brainwashed from a young age to obey their parents even if their hearts are screaming 'NEVER.' , The parents sometimes think that being parents gives them rights which are not given to them by God. Among the rights of our parents is that we obey them but this obedience is not blind, deaf and dumb.

The majority of scholars are of the view that if a woman is married off without her consent, then the marriage contract is invalid, because it is a forbidden contract which cannot be validated. Without consent or consent under duress. There is not a single marriage in Islam; it is oppression and abuse. Marriage is Islam requires ijab and a qubul (proposal and acceptance). Forcing a woman to marry a man means that there was no qubul, this is the right of a woman, regardless of her age.  Without it the marriage is a sham,  

Being a real Muslim and human being lets accept that no one have right to force their daughter to marry someone she does not want. Neither of the parents has the right to force their daughter to marry someone whom she does not want, and if she refuses, she is not sinning by disobeying them, because no one has the right to force her to eat food she finds off-putting when there is food that she wants to eat, and marriage is like that and more so.

If you are facing circumstances where you are getting married against your will then SPEAK up! You are not your parent's property.  Don't ruin your life or your future spouse's life- s/he may not even know that you do not want to get married and will have to suffer through a loveless marriage for the rest of his/her life.

We should very politely show our parents the relevant ayahs in the Qur’an and refer them to the opinions of scholars that Islam does not accept a forced marriage and gives the person the choice in regards to nikāḥ .Ask your circle of mature friends and family especially your religious ones to talk to your parents on a regular basis. Impress on them that THEY are NOT exempt from ḥisāb (accounting) for not obeying the Qur’an in their pride. In final stage Seek out professional help. There are many organizations that can help you if you are being forced into a marriage.

I as an educated and professional Afghan boy strongly believe that all human being are having equal rights and choice for living.

By:                                      Farooq Yaqoobi

Age:                                    22

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