Farhad Khalili



Peace with the Taliban, illusion or  reality?


Given to the horrors of war, peace in the world today as one of the fundamental objectives of  the countries.  It`s clear human and material resources in the war is lost and what usually comes to war is fewer than we lose.


During the last decades in Afghanistan peace was an unusual situation and war was usual circumstance and a phenomenon.

Years of war in Afghanistan have been forced government officials and their Western allies  to think The Afghanistan  war has ruled out of military options and should find other ways to reach peace with the Taliban there is no doubt  that the only way to solve the security issues in Afghanistan shouldn`t be seeking in military options.

It is obvious to everyone that the Taliban has shown in practice, they are not ready for real negotiations with the Afghan government, Experience has shown reaching of an agreement with extremists and fanatics is not possible.

We should remember the late Afghanistan President Dr. Najibullah national reconciliation plan with the mediation of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General Benin Sivan, None of jihadi groups were not ready to negotiate with Dr. Najibullah. They thought that after leaving the Soviet Union military forces from Afghanistan Dr. Najibullah regime will soon fall, so they strengthened their determination for grabbing power.

They didn`t think of Afghanistan and its people they destroyed the entire infrastructure of   the military, economic, and social while they knew the broad disparities among themselves and without reaching a consensus reconciliation they are pushing Afghanistan and its people to bloody wars, Thus, we expect the Taliban to consider the interests of Afghanistan and think to a real peace with the democratically elected government of Afghanistan.

The Taliban continues to insist on the withdrawal of the international coalition forces from Afghanistan and the change of the constitution as a precondition to start negotiations and join the peace process. And, on the other side one of the main conditions set by the Afghan government and international community for peace negotiations with Taliban is acceptance of the Afghan constitution, respect for women and human rights and considering the achievements earned in the past decade.

The Taliban is continuing to oppose  freedom of expression, women's rights, gender equality, human rights, Democracy , individual freedom, television and films, how they can accept the constitution that guaranteed all these freedoms.

Even though the freedoms of the Afghan people are great achievements that have struggled for years to get it and should not be sacrificed compromising with the Taliban.

In a few years after the establishment of the High Peace Council, has not taken any step towards peace, however, the Taliban suicide bombing operations have continued with intensity and skillfully in order to eliminate most important Afghan characters.

The Taliban does not believe in peace with  the Afghan government nonetheless, their pattern of conduct during its rule over Afghanistan has proven that they are not ready to share power, Even at the height of their power, when they controlled 95% of Afghan territory they weren`t ready to talk with mujahedeen which they were somehow, close to their  ideological aspect  during peace negotiation in Tashkent with the United Front (Northern Alliance), negotiation was halted, without any progress, they wanted to defeat them as soon as possible to be the only heir to Afghanistan to make Afghanistan a safe haven for their terrorist  Al Qaeda allies.

The former Taliban foreign minister Wakil Ahmad Mottawakil  once said, in an interview" if the purpose was dealing with the Afghan government and the Americans and accepting the Afghan regime  why Islamic Emirate vanished."

To achieve security in Afghanistan and overcome current problems Placing dedicated patriot and Experienced forces in sensitive government posts, practical fight against corruption in the country and Serious attention should be paid to the following options.

Return of migrants to Afghanistan

Presence of Afghan refugees in the neighbouring countries of  Pakistan and Iran have  provided the field of recruitment and brainwashing of Al Qaeda and the Taliban and the intelligence agencies of the two countries among immigrants in order to carry out suicide bombings and destruction war in Afghanistan.

Strengthen of the military and intelligence agencies in Afghanistan

The importance of having a strong intelligence service that can come out of this great  intelligence war successfully Toward the discovery and neutralization of terrorist activities is not covered to nobody.

National mobilization against the Taliban in Afghanistan

The only way to defeat the Taliban is a national mobilization against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, however, the recent uprising of the people against the Taliban in Ghazni province ,Promising initiatives of this kind is the only way to eradicate Taliban.