Naser Koshan


Afghanistan benefits a diverse enriched society and if we realize that in our diversity lies our unity and dynamism, there will be a greater chance of a united and prosperous Afghanistan in the future. Practically, diverse nations in regards with their multi linguistic and ethnic societies are considered the most successful and advanced states in the world. Luckily, Afghanistan having a diverse society can utilize its diversity to achieve greater steps towards a robust economy a civilized society.

India for instance, one of the most diverse nations in the world is a unique example of a diverse nation with a very dynamic economic growth rate as well as having the most prominent democracy in the world. I certainly do believe that if our policy makers and academic institutions conduct in-depth case studies on Indian experience of managing its diverse society it will definitely guide us to adopt somehow similar approach in uniting and integrating our diverse socio – religious structure in a fundamental manner.

United States, the most power nation in the world, enjoys a diverse rich environment. The U.S. constitution equally provides the same rights and responsibilities towards its native and immigrant dwellers. As a free land, where dreams are fulfilled with hard work and perseverance, this country is one of the most diverse nations in the world. Every faith, color and ethnicity is welcomed in this country where you could dream of achieving anything as an equal member of the society.  Based on the above facts, diverse nations indeed have the comparative advantage over the other nations in regards with the backlog of cultural and human enriching values and capital.

It is obvious, that different resident ethnicities in a country have a certain characteristics only assigned to them, which enables a country to advance in terms of technology, education, sports or etc… for example, let’s pick the U.S as a mother country in this aspect, the black Americans are well suited for engaging in different kinds of sports most dominantly in physically demanding sports played in colleges or professional leagues, while the Hispanic, white and Asian Americans are better off in engaging in other professions. The same could be true in regards with our heterogeneous Afghan society where a certain ethnic might be comparatively better in conducting certain affairs while the others could be efficient in dealing with other professions. Thus, it is highly recommended that if a diverse society is well integrated and mobilized to carry out their specialties properly, the society as a whole would be better off in the long – run.

Moreover, you cannot ignore the role of genealogical effect concerning ethical behavior and characteristics, based on this fact, a certain genealogical group is tend to enjoy certain quality which the other group might lack. No doubt, diversity will enable a given society to advance forward and dedicate its energy for the right task. If we conduct an in-depth analysis of our recent chaotic history, we definitely find out that the single most important cause of the devastating civil conflicts have been the tensions existing in between different ethnicities in Afghanistan, although I strongly believe that the ordinary Afghans are disfavoring prejudice and sense of superiority on other resident ethnicities, but unfortunately, a planned conspiracy has always been in place to gain political power by a few disturbing elements within our diverse society who have always tried to create gaps between our fellow citizens thus benefiting both politically and financially for this situation.

As I always reiterate on educating the masses about their rights and responsibilities and predominantly targeting the rural population since in local level in Afghanistan the three main indexes of development comprising (Citizenship rights and responsibilities) (Building Sustainable educational institutions such as schools, libraries and vocational institutes) & (Public awareness via mass media and religious platforms) have seriously been undermined by the then and current policy makers. Once, the people are well informed about the pros and cons of their actions and observe tangible developing projects underway in their areas, it will play a significant role in reintegrating the nation as a whole and gradually we will be able to enjoy the positive outcomes of having a diverse society as other countries did long before us. 

We indeed have to pay ultra attention in guiding our diverse society towards an enriched social path and get rid of the thirty years unnecessary animosity unwillingly imposed on us. If we believe in our greatness and talent, we have to find suitable ways to enhance and prove that and that’s only through educating ourselves and our fellow citizens.


Author Naser Koshan

Washington, United States

August 2012