Afghan Mullahs Silent on Suicide Attacks

 Firm on slamming womenís rights

Naser Koshan


The double standard approach towards crucial issues within our society by our religious elite and Mullahs is both questioning and irrational. Everyday dozens of innocent Afghan civilians are being killed by Taliban suicide bombers which certainly are non-Islamic and inhumane.

Unfortunately, the so called religious Mullahs have never condemned these brutal killings and have failed to label it terrorism and genocide; on the contrary their stand in depriving women and society from their legitimate rights and other minor issues is always firm, final and noticeable.

The question that arises with me is that the holy Quran which clearly denounces violence and killing in a vivid context, always preaching for saving lives with no regards to a Muslim or non Muslim, how come our Mullahs are scared from speaking out against these brutalities and acts of violence?

In our exclusive society we are bound to follow our district or local imam for certain aspects of our lives and if a religious entity in any given part of the country take the initiative and fearlessly speaks out against all these violence and encourage others to do the same, I am sure it will have a bigger impact on ending these suicidal series rather than a presidentís plea or a governments official statements for the same purpose. Unfortunately, it has not happened so far.

In part, it could be fear from Talibanís persecution or the lack of knowledge from Din (Muslim faith) itself. I certainly do doubt their little knowledge as most of us refer to them for counseling and queries about religious rituals and we have always been taught that they are the most informed and righteous. This perception indeed only leaves us with the first assumption that they are afraid of persecution by Taliban and their sympathizers, thus they prefer staying silent and irresponsive.

In fact, We as Muslims are not allowed to escape certain parts of religious scriptures if it disfavors us meanwhile, emphasizing on things which will not pose us to brutal persecution and gain certain insurgent sympathy. Throughout our history women have been the most deprived portion of the society, whether it was their disgraceful beating in public by Taliban or numerous sexual harassment incidents in the recent and past times.

Why Afghan women can not enjoy the same rights as a woman in Saudi, Malaysia, Pakistan or even a Muslim woman here in the United States. Are women are cursed to live in Afghanistan? Or there is a double standard approach towards them?

No doubt, Islam as a complete religion places high regards and values for womenís rights, we shall not forget that if a second SAJDA was allowed after the almighty it would have been to mother (a woman) or paradise lies under the feet of mother, women are the crown of creation.... we can go on and on. I do not know what happened after 14 century that we have secluded Afghan women from the rest of the Muslim women around the world who proudly contribute to their societies and have the immunity to live in peace and safety.


Author: Naser Koshan

Washington, U.S.