The Cons of the Uncalculated Remarks by the President

Naser Koshan


As presidential elections in Afghanistan gets closer, the president with his irresponsible remarks has turned himself into a prodigy back lashing with NATO and U.S. policies which is severely harming our long term interests and could return Afghanistan back to an era of isolation and economic sanctions.

Unfortunately, each single time a suicide attack or bomb blast takes place in Afghanistan; the first to take the responsibility is the Taliban and they very often proudly praise their suicider and curse the very same administration that does not get tired of calling them brothers and trying to take the blame out of their shoulders. In fact, if he thinks that countering our western partners would emerge him as a national hero after his presidency is a huge miscalculation certainly being advised by his close inner circle a.k.a. the pro Taliban elements in the presidential palace.

We have had it for thirty years; the Afghan people cannot afford a return to a hostile state which will only bring them further misery and chaotic future. We need to move forward along with the rest of the international community as well as remain in peace with our neighbors and distant strategic partners. So far, this administration topping the list as the most corrupt and malfunctioning is far from representing our national security and long-term strategic gains. Worse than all, these shallow accusations of the president totally sided with the Talibanís policies could ditch us back to an era of darkness and certainly serves the foreign interests of our neighboring states. Afghanistan with a new leadership in 2014 tends to weigh its domestic and foreign policies and form them in respect with its future growth strategy for the next decade. as much as our economic growth depends on foreign trade, our national security is linked in creating a friendly environment to discuss our concerns in an academic platform with our international partners and cautiously refrain from any endeavor disfavoring our newly established relations with the rest of the world mainly the U.S.

No doubt, Afghanistan has always been an exceptional issue for the U.S. and the international community. The president with such statements should not prioritize his personal agenda over the loss of the status quo which is the need to remain allied with the rest of the world on their fight against terror and radicalism. This is a time of a great importance for the future of Afghanistan, 2014 is approaching from the corner which will start with the presidential elections and later on a gradual withdrawal of the NATO and U.S. forces will follow. I believe that the president in regards with his remaining time in office should delegate a better example to his successor and avoid any skepticism among the people who are already anxious about the aftermath of 2014 and a possible return to the recent devastating civil conflicts.

He would be stupid if he still insists in illicitly outstanding in power, since the establishment of the interim government in Afghanistan in 2002, it is over a decade that the president is in power, during the very same period political leaderships in different countries including Pakistan, Iran and the U.S. changed through democratic elections. It would be in his best interest to stop defending the culprits of the suicidal attacks and insurgency in Afghanistan and side with the voice the general public who are in dire need of a better, transparent and broad based leadership post him and expect him to pave the way for a peaceful transfer of power to the upcoming president.

Last but not least, uncalculated remarks in demoralizing of our national security forces who are tirelessly defending their beloved homeland and distancing us from our supporting partners in having a better economy and livelihood is not in the best interest of our people and shall be avoided.

Author: Naser Koshan

Washington, U.S.

March 2013