Fateh M. Sami



Afghan order on Language use in media:


The order of the Afghan cabinet sounds whacky.  They need to understand that we have not been able yet to create a standard language expression to use universally in media and in academic institutions.  Likewise we do not have access to a thorough guide line to differentiate between foreign and local words.  Mr Karzai and his cabinet members need to know that in all languages   words and expressions are frequently coined and after being used  for some period of time,  they become obsolete, out of date and archaic.

Most importantly this is an academic issue and has to be decided by the departments of Farsi-Dari and Pashtu languages of an academic institution such as university and academy of sciences but not by Karzai team. Karzai and most of his team are not able to speak and pronounce the common words accurately.

Afghanistan is faced with tremendous problems currently such as terrorism, extremism, Taliban fanatic group, production and trafficking of narcotic drugs, security threat, international mafia full in filtration in the regime’s hierarchy, pollution, corruption, poverty, starvation and so on and so forth. Unfortunately the current Afghan government authorities turn a blind eye to those problems and have not the capacity and competence to address and resolve them reasonably. 

Contrarily, they are unnecessarily wasting their time to attract the attention of people on certain issues which has not any value to the life and betterment of our people. Karzai and his yes fellow cabinet need more than ever before to think twice and look before they leap. Unfortunately Karzai Government has totally out of tract and leading our country to a very gloomy situation.