Fateh M. Sami



Short Comment by Fateh Sami


Mr Mazdak feels embarrassed of his past

 belief and action,


I am sure all listeners got surprised by Mazak’s interview and confession on the BBC Dari Programme. The interviews are interesting, informative and self-explanatory on how people opportunistically adjust themselves to the situation. Through manipulative recounting, Farid Mazdak thinks that he can acquit himself from his treacherous actions as a stooge of Russia and an agent of KGB. I still remember the picture of Afghan youth’s athletes on TV who were visiting Moscow for the Olympic Games. The Afghan team was headed by Mazdak. The athletes of many other pro-soviet countries were also participating but they all marched solemnly and lined up in their specified positions.

According to  eyewitness when Mazdak got off the plane he and his team were holding  two wooden sticks in their hands and wearing coloured scarves around their waist. They abruptly started chanting, dancing and playing sticks in an Indian style. It seemed so funny and ridiculous that the Soviet leaders were also mocking to Mazak’s behaviour. 

He has forgotten whenever he was mentioning the name of the Soviet Union (USSR) he used to get so excited that a pious faithful Muslim does not get thrilled when the names of Makah and Medina is stated. Likewise he was vehemently shouting ‘bravo!’ when he was reading the name of his masters, Lenin and Brezhnev.

He was passionate to name the Soviet Union as a country of peace and Socialism. We all remember well that anyone who would dare to talk against the then Soviet Union he/she would automatically be dubbed as an anti-Sovietist, anti-revolutionary, rebellion, renegade and an agent of imperialism, mercenary of the west and so on and so forth. Consequently the so called anti-Sovietist was entered in a blacklist and exposed to the chamber of elimination. The name of the Soviet Union’s communist circles were  hundred times more holier to him than  the name of Mohammad (PBUH), the holy prophet of Islam to the most pious and dedicated Muslim.

 Moreover he was one of the key figures in the decision making circles of the PDPA which inflicted an on-going and great tragedy to our people and country and to his own party members. All the subsequent disasters are, in my view, a by- product of the outrageous and unpopular actions of the PDPA leaders.

 However, the calamity which subsequently occurred by Mujahidin and Taliban factions on our people and soil can never be justified under any pretext either.

Also the Afghan people have not forgotten yet that Mazdak was one of the key figures in the conspiracy engineered by some PDPA ringleaders in nullifying the process of United Nations’ peace plan. As a result of that conspiracy, the peace plan failed and the civil war devastated the capital Kabul. Farid cannot sideline himself from the coup d’état against Dr. Najibullah and in crashing the UN peace plan.  However, the subsequent turmoil situation after the transfer of power to the Jihadi factions and their power struggle would not seem unavoidable. But the orchestrators of conspiracy against the UN peace plan cannot excuse themselves from the devastation of Kabul.

I repeat again, Mazdak cannot exclude himself from the role that he played in the devastation of Afghanistan. Amazingly and shamefully he is confessing now that he made a mistake after drowning the country in a bloodbath. It is too late. He is trying to open a new venue, like Zahir Tannin and some of his associates, in the current political turmoil arena in Afghanistan.

How opportunist and traitor these people are! You and your associates are responsible for crime against humanity. This does not mean that the Mujahidin forces can justify their crime against the people of Afghanistan either.

You needed to realise the history, culture ,social fabrics, traditions , economic , political , ethnic composition , resources and proper allocations for a sustainable development in a country where 95% are either illiterate or semi-literate prior to opt  for a foreign ideology which will never ever nourish in highly traditional Islamic society. You needed to understand that no conscientious Afghan will tolerate to the imported ideology alien to theirs and their ancestors faith. You also needed a thorough study of history, sociology, economy, cultural values and norms prior to propagate that ideology of apostate to the Afghan traditionalist community.

Most importantly, you required to study vigilantly the contradictory history of your beloved country USSR; the country of Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin. You can see how those regimes were putting the blame of their inefficiencies and responsibilities on their processors. How the true Soviet’s history has been distorted in the interest of the ruling regime. By having a clear view of the USSR I am sure you would never ever dare to accept the way that you are remorseful for it now.

It is much better for Mazak to keep silent. Unfortunately, justification does not help him under any circumstances.