Fateh M. Sami




Translator: Fateh Sami


The following translations of the two pieces of poems written in Farsi-Dari by Mr. Kayoum Bashir titled “The Saviour of Future " and " The Aggression of Devil" distinctly depicts his patriotic feelings about his homeland. We all share one way or another, the same sentiments of compassion towards our beloved country, Afghanistan.

When I heard Mr. Bashir reciting the poetry in a cultural gathering it was extremely moving as it expressed the reality of life for our long suffering people as a whole and of women in particular.  The poems are presented in an articulate fashion, simple, fluent and synchronic to the current condition.

Translating literary works can be a difficult task compared to most other
texts. Farsi - Dari poems like other literary works have specific aesthetic and expressive values. The aesthetic aspects of the poetry reflect the beauty of the words or diction, figurative language, metaphors, etc. But the expressive dimension of the poetry portrays the writer's thought and emotion to the reader or the audience.

The translator, however, tries to transfer those specific values into the target language to whatever extent possible.
However, the genre of literature, poetry has some special delicacies which significantly differ from one language to the other. In poetry, the beauty is not only closely linked with the choice of words and  figurative language but also with the creation of rhythm, rhyme, meter, and specific expressions and linguistic fabrics and structures , cultural norms and values that may not be in harmony  in any way to prose, novel and short stories. 

Hence, the translation of the two poems can never have the effect of the original Farsi - Dari version. The reason for the translation is mainly focussed to reflect somehow the feeling and sensation expressed in those poems to our young generation who are residing outside their homeland and have not the opportunity to read and understand in their mother language.
Hopefully they may be encouraged to learn their mother tongue, no matter where they are living to maintain their emotional, cultural, and historical connection with their ancestors. They can also play their role in further improving and enriching their cultural values in every aspect in light of the modern knowledge acquired in their new place of residence.

Written by: Kayoum Bashir


6th March 2016


Translated by: Fateh Sami

8 March 2016


Date: 8/03/2016

The Saviour of Future

Compatriots! Our waiting period has come to an end, let's all stand up.

How long shall we be suppressed and witnesses of pain 

From now on the right should not be covered under the earth 

Drop by drop we should be collected to make a river

The day of women appeared and it is mother's day

We feel sorrow for our sisters and mothers 

For how long the hands of the cruel shall tramp on your head,

My sister! Stand up and come back so that you and I become we,

The life throughout the world is for everyone,

Through our resurrection let's be the owner of hearts

The day of woman is your sincere and Independence Day,

My mother, oh my sister, oh the woman, let's get together

Bashir is wailing for misogyny against woman in the country

Oh my friends!  The time has come to be the saviour of the future


بمناسب روز جهانی زن

تقدیم بر تمام زنان دربند و درد کشیده افغانستان

قیوم بشیر « هروی »

ملبورن – آسترالیا

ششم مارچ 2016


منجی فردا

انتظار آمد  به   پایان  هموطن  بر پا  شویم

تا بکی سرکوب گردیم  شاهد  درد ها شویم

حق نباید بعد ازین در زیر خاک پنهان شود

قطره قطره جمع  گردیم  تا همه  دریا شویم

روززن آمد پدیدار گشت و روز مادر است

هم  برای خواهران و هم زنان  شیدا  شویم

دست بیداد  تا  بکی خواهد  بکوبد بر سرت

خواهرم بر خیز و بازآ  تا من و تو ما شویم

زندگی در وسعت گیتی  برای  جمله گیست

با  قیام  خویش  بیاییم  مالک  دل  ها  شویم

روز زن روز صفا و روز استقلال  توست

مادرم ، ای خواهرم، ای زن بیا یکجا شویم

ناله ها دارد« بشیر» اززن ستیزی دروطن

وقت آن  شد ای عزیزان  منجی  فردا شویم



Written by: kayoum Bashir


13 February 2016


Translated by: Fateh Sami

8 March 2016



The Aggression of a Devil


My homeland, I will sing every grief from you upon my soul and body,

I will sing your pains with enormous sadness


From inside your muddy and ruined streets 

I will sing what goes inside the heart of your orphan kids,


Not from the cruelty and annoyance of four legged beasts,

But I will sing for the calumny of human kingdom 


My fatherland!  Oh my soul, Oh the land of Aryans,

I will sing in your love with very passion and enthusiasm,


Tell me what should I lament on? Except the mischiefs of aliens

I will sing on the aggression of any canny villain


My homeland! My pain is worse to see you injured

I will sing continually for the sake of your wounded heart


Homeland! My heart is wailing for the memory of your flower beds

I will sing for the wingless and featherless bird being hunted


My homeland! Because of much pain in my heart, “Bashir" says':

I will write in your memory with eyes full of tears,


قیوم بشیر « هروی »

ملبورن – استرالیا

سیزدهم فبروری 2016

هجوم فتنه

میهنم هرغصه ات باجان وسر خواهم سرود

دردهایت را به صد خون جگر خواهم سرود

از میان  کوچه   های   پُر گِل  و ویرانه ات

از دل  آن   کودکان  بی  پدر  خواهم  سرود

من  نه  از بیداد  و  جور  وحشیان  چهار پا

بل  ز این  بدنامی  اهل  بشر  خواهم  سرود

میهنم !  ای خاک  من  ، ای  سرزمین  آریا

من به عشقت باهزاران شوروشرخواهم سرود

ازچه نالم  من بگو جزء ازشرارت های غیر

ازهجوم  فتنه ای هر حیله گر خواهم  سرود

میهنم! دردم فزونست بسکه زخمی گشته ایی

ازدل مجروح تو من سربه سر خواهم سرود

ناله  دارد  این  دلم   میهن   به   یاد  گلشنت

از شکار مرغک بی  بال و پر خواهم سرود

بسکه درداست بردلم میهن «بشیر» گوید دریغ

من به  یادت میهنم  با چشم  تر خواهم سرود