Fateh M. Sami



People’s Opinion on Two Black Days in Afghanistan

(7th & 8Th of Saur)

The Afghan people express various opinions on the consequences and determinants of two days on their life in the context of the contemporary history in their country, the 7th and 8th of Saur. On the 7th of Saur the coup was launched by the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) backed by the Soviet Union while the 8th of Saur is marked as the day of success by some Mujahidin factions who were supported by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Wahhabi’s Regime, USA and all the western allies including the radical and fanatic extremist factions, terrorist and destructive groups from all over Islamic nations around the world.  

Those who are in power, Mujahidin or not Mujahidin (foreign agents) remarked the 8th of Saur , in the presidential palace under tight security measures,  bragging as a great day of success of the peoples’ resistance against the communists and their supporters, the then superpower of the Soviet Union. But the overwhelming majority believe that the collapse of the PDPA regime put them in a terrible situation, much worse than the occupation of the Soviet forces. Previously their country was occupied by one nation which ultimately ended up while the occupation subsequently was replaced by the NATO allies, headed by the USA. The western allies did not committed themselves, as they were primarily claiming, to bring peace and stability to the protection of the people in Afghanistan.  Contrarily, they have been occupied in the realisation of their strategic goals in the region against in a secret war against their rivals, China and Russia.

 Moreover, the westerns are strengthening the process of Afghanistan’s dependency to plunder its natural resources through instigating hotbeds and stifling stability by supporting newly emerged terrorist groups of ISIS, extremist radical factions incubating in Pakistan’s Madrassas.  Also the westerners are supporting a regime which is fully contaminated in corruption, nepotism, drug dealing, without having a defined clear and specific military and foreign policy.  They are supporting a regime which has not any determination to fight decisively against criminals, kidnappers, thieves and terrorists. They are supporting a regime which cannot ensure security and safety of the Afghan citizens and is not able to create employment for the Afghan educated youth. Consequently, thousands of our young manpower is leaving their country to unknown situation.  Afghan people are killed mutilated maimed and disabled by suicide bombers exported under the behest of ISI.

 For this reason the 7th and 8th of Saur imposed by foreigners and their agents left unrepairable social, economic, cultural, financial and infra-structural devastation. Therefore they regard the two as black days.  The majority of Afghan people think that the situation after the 8th of Saur is much worse than the 7th because it provided the ground for international mafia, terroristic groups to be exported by the western allies under the coordination of Pakistan. The notorious terror groups have been created at various stages with billions dollars aid in cash to various hostile Mujahidin factions and their regimes, the Taliban and the so called secular and democratic regimes of Karzai and the Unity government of Ghani- Abdullah.

The outcomes for the Afghan people are destitution, devastation, starvation and gradual consistent attrition. The mafia are in power with mansion houses inside and outside Afghanistan with the cost of the Afghan blood flowing every day in various parts of Afghanistan.