Fateh M. Sami



Afghanistan Current Situation

The following excellent lyric, under the picture of BuzKashi  game written in Farsi- Dari, is the true manifestation of the current dominant situation in our calamity stricken nation, Afghanistan. The traditional BuzKashi (goat dragging) game stands as a symbol of chaotic governance in Afghanistan. The puppet installed regime's incompetent leaders of the so called national unity government newly prompted by John Kerry to stay in power for five years, has been tested by the Afghan people, they have no credibility, like their predecessor Hamid Karzai. They are unable to ensure safety and security for the Afghan citizens. The US government needs to realise that the Afghan people are disappointed of its dual policy in relation to dealing against terrorism in their country.

The US government needs to  take a tough stand against Pakistan and stop it of killing our people. Otherwise, we believe, on the basis of evidence, that the killing, eradication and genocide in our country can be part and parcel of the policy of those nations who are involved in Afghanistan, under the slogan of fighting against international terrorism. We are sure that the western allies know very well that the main perpetrators of terrorism and mass destruction in Afghanistan are the ISI which cannot operate and survive without the financial cooperation of the western allies.

How it was possible to remove the Taliban from power in about two weeks’ time, and now it has become a quagmire for them to overcome this complicated puzzle. Why the US is playing a double standard game in relation to terrorist newly emerged groups in the region?  The situation puts forward many questions having to do with the creation of the situation in Afghanistan. It is not to most of us a puzzle any more, by and large; many Afghans believe that the current chaotic situation is being going on as consequences of an artificially manufactured and orchestrated dysphoria in the region for implementation of the strategic goals of big fishes in the troubled water of Afghanistan. Apparently thinking that their goals can be better achieved in continuation of unrest in Afghanistan, no matter how many of Afghan people are killed, maimed or disabled. Who cares about them?

The people of Afghanistan are fully convinced and well understand that there is no intention to fight against terrorism, on the contrary terrorism in various shapes and forms are produced and nurtured in Pakistan and transferred to their soil. Afghanis are developing hatred against those who have invested in their country for the one and half decades. Firstly the most stupid agent, a restaurant handyman, Hamid Karzai and his notorious team of mafia were installed in power and then the nervous psychic think tank, Ashraf Ghani. The western installed regimes with the all-round financial political and military assistance did not take up any step to relieve the people of Afghanistan from systematic killing of terrorists, criminals and plunderers, drug dealers enjoying from a safe haven in Pakistan.


اگر و مگر

وطنم چه بينوا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
نه ز غير و ني ز ما شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به قبيله و نژادش به زبان و أصل و زادش
من و ما چه خود نما شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به زنان و كودكانش به غرور مردمانش
چه ستم چه نا روا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به نظام و دولت او به شكوه و عزت او
دو هزار و يك جفا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به غنايم سترگش به معادن بزرگش
چه چپاول و خطا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
چه بگويمت عزيزا كه ز شش جهت بهر سو
سر ما چه ماجرا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به سلاح دين و باور به رسوم جهل گستر
سر ما ز تن جدا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
بنشين كه با تو گويم غم دل نهفته ي خود
ره ما ز هم جدا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به ميسر سنگ و شيشه بنويسم اين سخن را
هله بيخدا خدا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
ز دمي كه طفل ميهن بمكيده سينه ي جنگ
اگر از پي ريا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
شب ظلمتست و أنجم به هزار پرده پنهان
خر محتسب ، دو پا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
بتو گويم اي برادر كه مشو تو پيرو خر
كه غلام خر ملا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
ز شرار انتحاري ز جفاي انفجاري
وطن اتشين سرا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
دگر اين شكسته قايق نرسد بساحل اي جان
كَر و كور كد خدا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
به حريم باور ما نرسيده در شكستند
در ما در بلا شد اگر و مگر ندارد
اگر از تبار مجنون نشوي ميا بسويم
نشوي عزيز ليلا اگر و مگر

Poetry by : Laila Timory