Fateh M. Sami


Florida Terror Attack Afghans’ Daily Experience

Omar Mateen, an Afghan American gunman, who pledged allegiance to ISIS opened fire early Sunday morning in a packed Orlando nightclub, killing 50 people and wounding at least 53 more in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S.

I deeply condemn this barbaric action and express my sincere condolences to those who have lost their loved ones and have been affected in this tragic incident. Terror by radical Islamic extremists and any other one, with or without affiliation to a particular region political or religious ethnic group, who commit crimes should be brought to justice and be punished severely. This is a disgraceful act of violence, a criminal act, no matter where in the world it may happen. The perpetrators of such cowardly and inhumane encroachment including their inspiratory supporters, financiers, trainers, persuaders and institutions, providing a safe haven for them and supporting them covertly and overtly  are criminals of  heinous felony against humanity.

We people of Afghanistan as a whole and the people of Kabul in particular feel the pain and grievances of those who have lost their loved ones in this assault. Our people on a daily basis are exposed to mass killings by suicide bombers, extremists’ radical Islamic and non- Islamic groups trained and mobilised in Pakistan. It is not and should not be a mystery in the eyes of those who have installed in power Karzai and Ghani and the so called unity government in Afghanistan, supporting and reinforcing Taliban and killing hundreds of our people around the country every day. 

Likewise let us exemplify Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the so called Islamic Party (Hezbe) the notorious criminal who bombarded Kabul city, launching 30000 rockets on the residential areas, killing 100000 people and destroying the whole city. As a result of his criminal actions he was put on the black list of terrorists by USA. But now for a special task it is said he would be brought back to Afghanistan. People who have been affected in his bombardment of Kabul, ask the foreign sympathisers of Hekmatyar that why he should be allowed to come to Afghanistan? He is a notorious criminal and would be brought to justice. 

Malik Setaiz, Researcher on the International Relations writes on face book in Dari and I present its English translation version. “Signature of an Agreement with Hekmatyar means the official recognition of war criminals.  As per the constitution of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the governments have no right to cooperate or to make political and strategic partnerships with war criminals and violators of human rights. According to the International Laws on Human Rights and Philanthropic Human Rights, until the war criminals are legally acquitted on their criminal charges or have yet to apologise for their crimes, the member states are obliged to detain the war criminals and hand them over to the ICC."

The Afghan people and commentators believe that it should be impossible for Hekmatyar to enter Afghanistan as a war criminal if a green light has not been flashed from USA and Britain and their allies. The Afghan people do not deserve to be unfairly treated, the western allies who have been in Afghanistan and installed and promoted the most corrupt government in that country need to understand that the people of this country are not the ones living in the 18 and 19 centuries, being unaware of what sort of conspiracy is going in their country. They do not bow being unfairly treated, and they just cannot forget those nations involved in a satanic game and turn a blind eye to their demand.

People of Afghanistan want the war criminals to be put on trial and be punished for their crimes against humanity. Also the people of Afghanistan expect the president of America, the British Queen, the pope, the international organisation such as the UN for Human Rights, civilised western nations to condemn the daily mass killings in Afghanistan. We do not expect them to fly their flags half-mast but to enforce economic sanctions against Pakistan to stop sponsoring terror groups and to stop spreading racialism in collusion with Saudi Arabia in the region and around the world. It's time to curb terrorism and rescind it from its roots. It only needs courage and action in a standard universal fashion around the world. Afghan people have been affected badly by terrorism more than any other people; however, the western allies have been stationed in Afghanistan since 2001 to fight terrorism. The incubator of terrorism is in Pakistan; even a layman knows that as a fact. The terror and hate ideology is being nurtured and trafficked around the world from Pakistan, the main ally of USA and Britain in the region.

As long as an incompetent and corrupt government is being supported by the western nations, the Afghan people as a whole and the women in particular will be continually a target of inhumane and atrocious violence of extremism, radicalism and fanaticism of the satanic forces. Afghan people have been suffering for the last three and half decades throughout the country by the evil forces hatching out in the so called religious madrasahs in Pakistan. The safe haven terror training centres in Pakistan produce and export thousands of killers, suicide bombers, brainwashed volunteers to commit crime against men women and children in Afghanistan. Western nation are well aware of what is 
going on and why Pakistan has changed to a terror sponsored state government, however, the western nation regrettably prefer to keep going tight lipped of what is happening in Afghanistan by Pakistan.   Why? 
Because , at present , the western nations need the ISI to carry out their policies, in the role of a gendarme, in relation to the middle east and the south east Asia. 

Therefore, the western forces currently being present in Afghanistan are partially responsible for supporting a corrupt government, taking side with Pakistan which is consistently sending terror groups to commit atrocities in Afghanistan.

Apparently for the sake of helping Afghanistan, the western nations poured billions of dollars in cash to the most notorious elements in Karzai's government and consequently established a well- organised mafia circle in collusion with their intelligence apparatus. They did not show any intention for eradication of corruption, restoration of good governance, annihilation of narcotic drugs and rehabilitation of Afghanistan- the three well-phrased Matos which our people expect them to be realised since 1500000 NATO allies' combat forces entered Afghanistan. On the contrary, continuation of bubbling out new hot beds and conflict zones throughout Afghanistan is an indication of a bleak and gloomy future, looming over our country. The only option to save us from this terrible imposed situation is our true unity, in word and in action as a nation regardless of our affiliation to race, religion, language and place of birth. 

Now our people believe in the way they are treated that the western nations do not exercise their power to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan, seemingly because of lack of intention and determination; on the contrary, they are engaged in a cat and mouse war to destabilise the northern provinces of Afghanistan through infiltration of extremists and radical gang of Islamic forces by the name of ISIS , Taliban and Hekmayar's criminal mercenaries to achieve their strategic goals in the region. 

The current scenario is similar to the one which was going on during the Cold War, against the then USSR. How many Afghans fell a victim of this heinous game, do not bother them. People of Afghanistan, inside and outside their country have one option , unity and oneness and to shun all those who are in power operating as a gang of  Mafia , linked with the internal, regional and international notorious under cover organisations. We need to unite with courage in view of the reality of what is going on the ground.